Sunday, November 2, 2008

pushing & shoving ...

... there was a lot of it going on last night at mulvaney's bunker, the place where i went to celebrate hallowe'en. but, it was not bad pushing & shoving. it was just people trying to get to and from the bar and/or dance floor. the place was packed! usually, i go to the bunker to listen to live music [acoustic and/or rock bands]. last night dave, the owner, hired a dj to play and he had the place hoppin'. at times one could barely hear oneself think straight!

there was a costume contest [hence a $2 cover charge where there is generally no cover] with cash prizes. the winner was a guy wearing an indian costume. or, should i say, not wearing an indian costume. he wore an indian headdress, moccasins, and a leather flap to cover his pouch. yup. bare-assed naked. and, quite frankly, it was a beautiful thing. it's no wonder he won. lol [turns out he was wearing a black thong/g-string.]

mulvaney's bunker - home of the brave:

thankfully, i was able to find more to wear than tonto.

a gal at sephora named kelly z did the majority of my makeup and i did the rest. i had a fabulous time. like i said, it was the best hallowe'en ever. saw a lot of great [and sometimes crazy] costumes and met a lot of super people along with those i already knew so that made the night even better. it would have been perfect if some of the people who had said they were coming had actually shown up but perfection, as we all know, is unattainable so we make do with what we have and enjoy!!

hope all is well with you and yours =)


ELLIE said...

so glad you had such an awesome time - that indian outfit is worth looking at twice - LOL
love the costumes - enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Missie said...

I haven't been out to a Halloween bash in years. Looks like it was a lot of fun.