Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dishing the dirt

6 random things about me
  • from dawn @ carpe diem =)

1. i've only slept in my bed three times since being robbed. i'm afraid that if someone breaks in again i won't hear them so i sleep on the couch.

2. though i'm fully capable of paying my bills on time, they are usually late because i just don't give a damn.

3. i dislike most of the characters on the new show raising the bar - especially jane kaczmarek's - but i've watched every episode and can't wait for the season finale. what's up with that?

4. i'm hooked on PostSecret. every time that i go to barnes & noble i check to see if there are any secrets in the books. some day i'm going to leave my own secret for someone to find when they buy one.

5. my diet is lame. outside of my daily bowl of cereal, it consists mostly of taco bell and regular coke. every once in a while i venture to the outback for a steak. i eat when i get hungry; mostly graze throughout the day and night. my favorite snack [to mum's dismay]: crunchy cheetos!

6. my cellphone has the ability to assign unique ID ringtones for each caller. i'm sorry if i'm laughing when i answer the phone when you call me. it's not specifically you ... ;) [my ex-husband's is an audio clip from the movie tommy boy: "fat guy in a little coat!"]

Friday, October 24, 2008


just curious if any of you follow and, if so, have ever considered sending in a secret?

for many months i have been thinking about either sending in a secret or writing down my secret and bringing it to barnes&noble and putting it in one of the PostSecret books [a common occurence].

would you share your secret with a stranger?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a new beginning

with much excitement, i open the "doors" to my new blog. i don't know what it will be like. poems? recollections? observations? i just don't know. i'm simply excited to be here after the past few years of ao-hell j-land's frustration and disappointment. so, onward and upward. welcome!