Thursday, August 13, 2009

slowwwwww going!

tonight i read through half of dawn's [carpe diem] 2009 blogs. sooooo nice to read about what she has been up to this year! i am slowly catching up on blogs and others' lives yet, it seems [and dawn made the comment as well] that many people are missing from back when "we" were using aol journals. sad, really. it felt like more of a "community" then. after so many years, i suppose it would. how does one make it happen here and now?

i have found that facebook offers a fun community feeling yet it does not offer the same type of atmosphere. one cannot lay out ones feelings on facebook. it is not acceptable. [the verizon commercial nailed the sentiment right on the head.] one must not express emotion on facebook. funny quote? put it in your status for the day. angry with your boss? status. countdown to college? status. but, feeling down because your joints ache for the fourth day in a row and your doctor doesn't have a remedy? keep that emotion hidden. there is no place for pain and/or angst on facebook [that is, unless you are taking one of the mindless quizzes].

not to say that i don't enjoy facebooking. i do. i'm a little bit hooked, in fact. i have the facebook application on my crackberry so i can get updates 24/7. lucky me, i know when someone has posted a picture of their painted toenails the moment it happens.

i am ready for something new.

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